Valentine’s Day Messages, Quotes, Pictures, Photos 2018

In this article you will find the exclusive and best collection of Valentine’s Day Messages, Quotes, Pictures, Photos 2018. In the life of a person love is the most beautiful and pleasing thing ever happened. Almost everybody falls in love in their life. Whenever anyone falls in love they feel much happiness and pleasure. Lovers celebrate each day to enhance their love and make their relationship more strong. After Christmas and New Year its Valentine’s Day, the day of love. There are few days remaining in Valentine’s Day. Love is the activity of expression and when love is expressed it becomes more strong. The best way to express love is by giving gifts and cards on Valentine’s Day to your lovers to show your feelings.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for lovers worldwide and all of them tries to make this day more special, every year. The most beautiful gift that a lover can give to his or her beloved one on Valentine’s Day is to express the love in a meaningful card or gift. In this post Valentine’s Day pictures and photos with messages and quotes are given which will help you to give words and form to your feelings.

Valentine’s Day Messages, Quotes, Pictures, Photos 2018

Valentine's Day Messages, Quotes, Pictures, Photos 2018

  • Happy Valentine’s Day.
    \ \ / /
    .\ \/ /. Alentine
    ..\__/..Is A”Lovely” Day
    For All “Lovers”
    And I Think It’s Also U!
    Because U R My Best Chand..”
    “Happy Valentine’s Day 2018.”
  • Never ask for a kiss, just take it.
    Never ask for a hug, just give it.
    Never ask do u Luv me? Say I Love u.
    Never say I can’t live without u, say I live for U
    Happy Valentine’s Day….
  • Love comes through the eyes that see
    And through the ears that hear,
    For people are quite beautiful,
    And words make feelings clear.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • A heart as big as all outdoors, a spirit that’s so free it soars… A love that sparkles and delights, and warmth that welcomes and invites… That’s you! Wishing you the special Valentine’s day you deserve.
  • What I Need To Live
    Has Been Given To Me
    By The Earth ?
    Why I Need To Live
    Has Been Given To Me
    By You My Valentine !!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day…
  • My Heart Is Made 2 Luv U,
    My Lips Are Made To Kis U,
    Every Part Of Me Wants U
    My Hands Made 2 Hold U,
    Maybe Bcoz I Was Made Just 4 U my Valentine!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2018
  • V A L E N T I N E
    V= Valentine ; You Are My Only Valentine
    A= I Will Always Be Yours
    L= Love At Its Most Extreme
    E= Everlasting Love ; Ecstatic Love.
    N= Never-Ending Love
    T= We Will Always Be Together Forever
    I= You Being Intelligent And Innocent;
    N= Natures Naughty Way Of Saying I Luv You To
    E= Eternity Our Love Is So Ever Lasting.
  • 48+2 Members can sit in a Bus.
    5+1 can sit in a Car.
    3+1 can sit in a auto
    1+1 can sit in a Bike.
    Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
    That’s ‘U’ My dear valentine
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2018
  • I dedicate my heart, my soul and my entire life to you- the person who makes me feel special by his presence only.
  • What i need to live
    has been given to me
    by the earth…
    Why i need to live…
    has been given to me..
    by you my valentine…
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2018..
  • On this day of chocolates, rose, kisses, proposals and dates, I want to gift my heart to you. Be my Valentine and rule my life forever!
  • Hope you have a special valentine’s day… filled with love, laughter, beauty and magic. Happy Valentine’s Day! Have a great Valentine’s day.
  • Oceans may dry, sky may fall apart, but my love towards you will remain forever and ever and ever, would you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Pictures, Photos 2018

All the couples and lovers will surely like and love these Valentine’s Day Messages, Quotes, Pictures, Photos 2018 to make their love more expressive.

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