Most Popular Hair Color Ideas For Women

Most popular hair color ideas for women have been mentioned in this article which are also the hottest trend at this time. Season is changing and there are no more anti-humidity sprays, clinical deodorants and frizz days. With the season change the most amazing change that you can bring in yourself is the hair color change. New hair color or the hair trends depends on the skin tone of a woman. Many women are afraid of trying new hair colors because they do not know which hair color will look good on them. In this article we are providing you many hair color options so that you can choose the one which looks best on you. The hottest hair color trends that are very common this year are platinum, bright hues, dip dyes and ombre.

Popular Hair Color Ideas For Women

Popular Hair Color Ideas For Women

Red Head:

Red was the hottest hair color trend in 2012 and it is also as popular this year. There are many shades of red which are used by women these days but orangey-red is in the latest hair color trends of 2013. Orangey red looks stronger as well as bolder. If you have light complexion. light eyes and want a transition then orangey red hair color will give you a different look.

Bold Streaks:

Bold streaks is a very popular hair color, many celebrities have also tried this color turning their hair baby blue and bubblegum pink. Vibrant shade like the primary colors are in this season for streaks. You can also use a royal blue or bright orange for the streaks. Streaks of vibrant colors are much easier to maintain and so these are also practical. pastel shades of streaks look good on blondes.

Blended Ombre:

Ombre was the biggest hair color trend last year and is now updated for year 2013. The new ombre of this year is bringing the lighter color strands closer to the roots and creating a blended softer look. If you have brown hair then go for the contrasting shade in caramel, if your hairs are red then go for strawberry shade and if you are a blonde then go for platinum colored tips.

Buttery Blonde:

Champagne and icy blonde never goes out of the style and in this year there are warm shades of blonde. Buttery blonde will going to be popular this year. This shade is a hint of gold hue. People with natural reddish undertones in their hair will find this color perfect for them. This color also suits on darker, olive and beige complexions. Buttery blonde on the other hand does not go with extremely pale skin, pinkish skin or skin with yellow undertones.

Darker Accent Strands:

One of the hottest trend of hair color this year is dyeing darker accent pieces on the lower layers of the hair. Dark accent underneath the top layers of hair is the big trend. This hair color is perfect for those who want something a bit on the edgy side and want to shoe hair or face at work. You can wear you hair with darker accent strands down for a conservative look but as soon as you pull your hair up, the darker accent pieces will make it look trendy.

I hope after reading all these most popular hair color ideas for women you will get your hair color inspiration and make a transition in your looks and hair color.

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