How To Wear Patterned Tights Casually With Skirts

When black polka-dot tights went down Balenciaga’s fall runway, paired with immaculately draped skirts and soft velvet dresses, they provided a fresh take on the leg wear generally seen as either heavy and opaque or sheer and old-fashioned. Whether lacy, pinstriped or dotted, patterned tights have become a key accessory, adding another texture, print or layer to an otherwise simple ensemble. Tights can transform an item from day to night, summer to winter. A black minidress worn with sandals in the summer becomes a chic winter look with sexy zigzag tights. And tweed shorts become nighttime appropriate with diamond-print wool tights and a cropped black blazer. Patterned leggings can look super cool if you know how to wear them. It’s a tricky trend to pull off but if boldly patterned leggings are paired with some casual, slouchy clothing and accessories, it’s a great way to make a fashion statement. There’s no need to pick an extremely loud or bright pair, even one with a subtle graphic print can make an equally stylish ensemble. You don’t have to be a certain height, shape or body type to wear patterned leggings, but it’s important that you wear them with confidence so make sure you choose a pair that you feel totally comfortable wearing.

How To Wear Patterned Tights Casually With Skirts

How To Wear Patterned Tights With Skirts

The best and most versatile length for your leggings is ankle length. Mid-calf can is generally not very flattering and can’t easily be worn with boots in the colder weather. The best tops to wear patterned leggings with are over sized t-shirts, slouchy sweaters, tops and tunics. The shortest top or tunic should hit your mid-thigh area. Also, it’s best if your top isn’t sheer so the pattern of the leggings can’t show through – so keep your top half opaque! Don’t be afraid to layer your clothes with leggings – wear an over sized long cozy cardigan with a tunic or even a shorter off the shoulder sweater over a long tank or t shirt. Pair with a pair of cool sneakers, a slouchy pair of boots or ballet flats. If you want to wear a high heel, a chunky one is best. You don’t want to lose the casual, comfortable appeal of wearing leggings in the first place by pairing it with something too dressy.

Don’t mix too many colors and patterns with your leggings. Remember, you patterned leggings are already making a statement so there’s no need to add anything else too trendy or distracting to your outfit. When in doubt, keep it simple and you’re sure to look effortlessly cool.A fun way to experiment with pattern on your legs is with patterned or brightly colored tights if you don’t want to wear graphic print leggings. Even swapping your normal black tights with some black tights with a diamond pattern can change up your look.

  • Patterned leggings will keep you warm, cozy, and stylish through the cooler months. Pair them with a comfortable sweater dress and add a scarf for even more warmth. Tuck your leggings into cute ankle boots, and finish off the outfit with a brightly-colored jacket.For the most flattering look, it’s often best to choose patterns with small graphics such as tiny polka dots or little flowers. They’ll keep your gams looking slender.
  • Patterned tights or leggings are interesting enough as is, so remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.
  • Graphic tights or leggings look great tucked into boots. Try them with pumps, too, if you’re daring.
  • If you’re self conscious about your legs, try letting patterned tights peek out just between your boots and a skirt. The little sliver of skin will look super sexy without being over-the-top.

After reading these tips you will get how to wear patterned tights casually with skirts.

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