How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair Pin Up Style

A bandana can keep your head warm, look trendy, and keep your hair out of your face. There are four common ways to fold a bandana depending on the look you’re going for. If you want to know how to do it, just follow along. Bandanas are simply magnificent. They are perfect for short hair, long hair, and the in-between – for messy hair days, good hair days, and the skipped-one-too-many-shampoo days, they’re perfect for a concert, a sunny day on the beach, a girls night, a first day, or a casual day at home. Better yet, they’re extremely versatile and come in every material, color, thickness, and print and they can tie in countless ways so here are some of the best ways to wear your bandana. If you like the boho chic or California girl style then this look is perfect. A simple printed headband tied around your head with the length of your hair styled back in a messy bun is the prefect blend of chic and casual.

How To Wear A Bandana In Your Hair Pin Up Style


Although a lot of women skip the bandana because they think that it’s too masculine of an accessory, there are actually a lot of ways you can wear a bandana and still come out looking feminine and chic. Celebrities like Rihanna and Cher Lloyd are often seen wearing bandanas and this piece of accessory is what makes their overall outfits look more put together and complete. Some ways to wear a bandana are not only chic and fashionable but are very functional as well. This means that other than making your outfit look more complete, it can also do something for you like protect you from pollution and the like. Wear it like a headband – to wear your bandana as a headband, simple fold it like a triangle and roll then out it around your head and tie the ends under your hair by the nape. It’s really easy and handy for when you’re outside and it gets really windy and the wind starts blowing your hair to your face and you don’t have a headband.

Wear it like a bonnet – this bandana style is very common and it’s simple and easy to do as well. take one corner of your bandana and fold it over to the opposite corner to form a triangular shape then put it over your head and tie the ends to secure it. You can choose to let the tied ends stick out or you can also keep it under your hair. Wear it as a face mask – this is another easy way to wear your bandana, ladies. Fold your bandana like you would if you were to wear it like a bonnet. This time, though, put it on your face, just right above the nose. Tie the ends at the back. This is an ideal alternative when you don’t have a face mask and you want to protect yourself from dust and pollution when you’re outside or when you’re cleaning the house. Wear it like a wrist band – bandanas can also be worn as wristbands. fold your bandana flat until you have just a narrow strip left and wrap it around your wrist. This style is ideal if you’re going for a hip look.

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