How To Remove Underarm Stains From Colored Clothes

How to remove underarm stains from colored clothes is important to know so that you can make your clothes wearable for a long time. Underarm stains is a very common preamble faced by men and also by some women. Yellow armpit stains make people feel embarrassed to wear shirts of light colors with stains. Sweat itself can cause yellow stains on clothes. But most of the experts explain that the yellow pits are the aluminum that is used in antiperspirants when these are combined with the sweat. The substance which keep the pits dry and nice also havoc on the clothes. Do not make these stains throw away your clothes. You can simply use an undershirt that will protect the more expensive outer shirt. Also after apply deodorant, let it dry before dressing up to prevent its rub off on the clothes. But if you do not have time to do these precautions and got these underarm stains then follow the given step to remove these stains easily.

How To Remove Underarm Stains From Colored Clothes

How To Remove Underarm Stains From Colored Clothes Easily

  • If underarms of clothes are stained then avoid heat. Hot water or the heat from dryer can set the stains on the clothes. Wash these clothes in cold water and allow these to air dry in the sunlight until the stain is gone. Stains on light colored fabrics can be removed only by drying these clothes in sunlight.
  • Underarm stains can be removed by using baking soda. To use baking soda for removing underarm stains, mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with one quarter of cup water. Scrub this paste into the underarm stains using an old toothbrush or a fingernail brush. Let this paste sit for almost one hour. After an hour wash the cloth with cold water and air dry it. Stain will be gone when cloth is dried if not, repeat the process until stain goes away completely.
  • You can also use oxiclean. Oxiclean is a commercial product that produces hydrogen peroxide when it is dissolved in water. It is a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, you can also create your own version of oxiclean at home easily. For using oxiclean to remove underarm stain, take a cup of warm water and mix it with one scoop of oxiclean. Scrub this solution on the underarm stain with fingernail brush or old toothpaste. Let it sit for few minutes or soak the cloth in this solution over night. After that wash the cloth and let it dry. Repeat this process if satin is not removed or if needed.
  • Vodka can also be used for removing underarm stains. Make a solution using vinegar and water or you can also use vodka and water. Spray this solution on the clothes having underarm stains after washing them with cold water.
  • Aspirin pills can solve your problem of underarm stains. Take aspirin pills and crush them. Pour these crushed pill onto 100 ml of warm water. Wait until the crushed pills are completely dissolved in water. Soak the stained part of the cloth in this solution for at least 2 or 3 hours. Time is required so that cleaning work is done completely by the aspirin pills. After that wash the cloth and dry it. Stain will be removed, if stained is not removed repeat this process.
  • Hydrogen peroxide also removes the underarm stains effectively. Take a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and soak the stained cloth in this solution for 15 to 30 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that is less likely to discolor the clothes than standard sodium hypochlorite bleach. After 15 to 30 minutes take the cloth out, wash it and then dry it. If the stain is not removed repeat this process. You can also use the same method by replacing hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar.

How to remove underarm stains from colored clothes can be understood with these simple tips, along with these tips also try not to use the aluminum containing deodorants so that these satins are not produced.

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