How To Remove Nail Polish Naturally

How to remove nail polish naturally is the question which arises in the mind of girls when they want to clean their finger nails or to put another color to their nails.The nail polish removers either evaporate or these may expire and also nail polish removers leave an awful yellow stains on the nails. Nail polish removers never come with a seal to keep them good for use over a longer period of time and as result you pay for something that you throw away more than you used. So for those who love experimenting their nails occasionally, its pointless to spend money on the remover which extincts within few uses. We can make our own nail polish remover by using some ingredients which are available at our home.

Remove Nail Polish Naturally

How To Remove Nail Polish Naturally

In the nail polish removers the most useful component is the acetone, acetone is a combustible substance which can cause lung blockage, eye inflammation and breathing difficulties, if the vapors are once inhaled. Using a non acetone nail polish remover is also not secure because they contain substances like methyl acetate that also has comparable by products like acetone. It is moderately easy to remove the nail polish without using nail polish remover by using some natural means to remove nail polish naturally.

Nail polish can be removed by using vinegar and citric fruits. Vinegar is a natural product. Vinegar is an acidic substance which breaks down the polish and make it easy to wipe off. Pu some amount of vinegar in the bowl and add citric fruit like orange, lemon or lime and mix them together. Put the cotton ball in the mixture and wipe the finger nails. It may take a bit longer time to remove the nail polish fully because it will take a little while to break down. You may also have to scrape the nails gently in order to remove the nail polish.

Perfumes contains ethyl acetate, which is another active ingredient of the nail polish removers. So perfume is also effective in removing the finger nail polish. Put some of the perfume on the cotton swab and apply it on the nails. Applying another coat of nail polish can also remove the old, dry one from the nails. Apply a new coat of nail polish and use a cotton ball to wipe off the nail polish at once. This prompt removal will remove the dry nail polish but there are chances of some residual nail polish marks on the cuticles.

You can also use hot water as a homemade nail polish remover, if your fingernails are weaker. Take water in a bowl and heat it to the temperature which you can tolerate easily. Soak your fingers in the water for 15 minutes. One the nail polish becomes soft then scrape it off gently. This may be time consuming but it is the complete natural nail care substance. Lemon is another natural ingredient to remove finger nail polish. Rub a slice of lemon on the nails and then remove the polish. For better results soak the finger nails in soapy water for 3 to 6 minutes in order to soften the nail polish and then rub lemon to remove the nail polish. I hope after reading this article now you fully know how to remove nail polish naturally.

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