How To Remove Dead Skin From Face Home Remedies

To know how to remove dead skin from face home remedies can help you a lot which not only show effective results but are also cheap and less time taking. Dead and dry skin can be unsightly and it is also very annoying problem specially in dry winter season. In addition to the cold weather conditions there are also many other causes of dry skin that include bathing with hot water, genetic factors, harsh soaps, overexposure to sun, cosmetic allergies or problems and also due to illness. The most effective way and also jet to remove dead and dry skin is exfoliation. The commercially available exfoliating products may contain any harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. So people have been making their own exfoliation scrubs from centuries by using common household items. Following mentioned homemade remedies will help you to remove the dead and dry skin cells from your face.

How To Remove Dead Skin From Face Home Remedies

How To Remove Dead Skin From Face

  • Sugar scrubs can be used for exfoliating the skin. Use a sugar scrub for the sensitive areas of the body to peel away the dead skin cells. Sugar scrubs are also gentler than the other type of facial scrubs and will not irritate skin of mostly people. Sugar also does not clog the pores of the skin and does not cause the acne breakouts when used as a scrub. Take half cup of sugar with 1 cup oatmeal. Mix them together and apply directly on the skin and scrub in gentle and circular motions. Sugar scrubs do not hurt but these may produce a bit of discomfort.
  • Baking soda is a great exfoliator for the whole body which produce less bad reactions and less discomfort then other scrubs. Mix a bit of baking soda with small amount of water until you get a paste like consistency. Apply this mixture on the dead skin areas and run in circular motion until the areas get scrubbed completely. Lifeless and dull skin can be cured by using baking soda.
  • Take few drops of your favorite essential oil, you can use lavender oil, it has the beautiful fragrance. Mix this essential oil with any of the above mentioned scrubs and then apply on face. This will remove the dead skin from face and will also produce light scent.
  • Coffee seeds can also be used for making facial scrubs. Take coffee seeds grind them well and mix with olive oil. This will result in good exfoliating scrub that can be used once or twice in a week.
  • Clay is also an excellent exfoliating agent. Mix clay with water and glycerin. Apply this on face and exfoliate skin with it. This exfoliator is suitable for all types of skin but is perfect for oily skin type.
  • Take good quality fruits like papaya, peach, kiwi, pineapple or banana and mash them in blunder. Mix this paste with yogurt or honey in small amounts and apply this mixture on face for 15 minutes and then rinse with water. This will help to remove the dead skin.
  • Moisturizing also helps to remove the dead skin from the face. You need to moisturize the skin effectively, for this apply a thick layer on moisturizer on the dead skin frequently. Try to apply moisturizer after washing your face when skin is damp as damp skin will absorb moisturizer more effectively.
  • Cucumber is also good for removing dead skin cells. Cucumber is a natural moisturizer which moisturizes dead and dry skin and also lighten up the skin tone. Take the paste of 1 cucumber and apply this on face. Leave this pack on face for 30 minutes and you will see noticeable results within few weeks.

Above tips will help you to notice how to remove dead skin from face by using simple and cheap home remedies and will give you fresh, healthy and glowing skin.

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