How To Do Ombre Nails Without Sponge At Home

Every one wants to know how to do ombre nails without sponge at home because ombre nails are very popular these days and can be seen all over on hands of young girls, celebrities and even elder women like this manicure so everyone wants to know the alternative ways of creating an ombre nail art perfectly. Ombre nails are the type of manicure in which the gradient effect is created. A light color on the bottom of the nail that gradually blends with the darker color towards the tip. To get this nail art perfectly you will need time and practice. Doing ombre nails is not an easy task but you need to do it gradually and slowly for complete finishing. Usually ombre nails are created with a makeup sponge. Makeup sponge creates the gradient effect very nicely but this effect can also be created without using a makeup sponge.

How To Do Ombre Nails Without Sponge

How To Do Ombre Nails Without Sponge

The basic technique of doing ombre nails without using a sponge is given below:

  • First of all clean your hands. Soak the hands for few minutes in a bowl of warm water and a mild soap. Do noy use any oily product before manicure as it makes difficult to polish the stick. Soaking the hands will remove any oil from the skin and will make the cuticles soft.
  • Nail polish usually chips or cracks if it is done on the shorter nails so proper length and shape of nails is very necessary for the ombre nails. File the nails to remove any jagged edges and to shape the nails into evenly round tips.
  • Gently polish he cuticles back from the nails, you can use a metal cuticle pusher for this purpose. You can also use thumb of the opposite hand to push back the cuticles.
  • Remove the nail polish with a nail polish remover, even if you do not have any nail polish on the nails, still clean up the nails with nail polish remover to remove any remaining oils and contaminants.
  • Apply a base coat by using a product that is specifically labeled as the base coat. Brush it over the entire nails in even strokes. Wait the base coat to dry before applying actual nail polish. Base coat is more than the ordinary nail polish. It is formulated for making the surface of the nails smooth and give an even surface to the nail polish for sticking.
  • Now polish the nails with the base color. The base color should be lighter than the nail color with which gradient effect is to be created. Its better to apply two thin coats of the base color then apply a single thick coat. Wait for the base color to dry completely before applying the contrasting color.
  • The base color should be semi-opaque, sparkle or shimmer free an also jelly type. Contrasting color should be dark.
  • Color 3/4 part of the nails with the contrasting color starting from the thumb. The contrasting color should be applied carefully and evenly.
  • Now apply a top coat which will protect the nail art and prolong the nail polish. This top coat will also make the two colors even and smudge them into each other.
  • For finishing clean off the excess nail polish by dipping fine tip brush in nail polish remover and cleaning excess off the cuticles.

After reading this technique now you know how to do ombre nails without sponge at home, so what are you waiting for, take you desired colors and color the nails with creativity.

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