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How To Apply Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Feb 15, 2013

Sally Hansen nail polish strips are very hot things at this time and every girls wants to know how to apply the Sally Hansen nail polish strips. Nail polish is an important makeup accessory. It makes the nails look beautiful and attractive. Girls love to test new nail polishes but they prefer those nail polishes which dry quickly and sets fast. So every girls will be excited to know about the Sally Hansen nail polish strips. These strips are not the nail stickers of childhood, Sally Hansen nail polish strips are made with the real nail polish, and these strips are supposed in such a way that look like these were painted onto your nails. These nail polish strips come in 24 different styles that range from bright solids like orange and yellow to a multitude of patterns which include glitters, denim, animal prints and camo.

Steps mentioned over here will help you to know how to apply Sally Hansen nail polish strips very easily. The kit of these nail polish strips include 16 nail polish strips along with a mini nail file or buffer and a cuticle stick. It also has the basic instructions illustrated. First of all it is very essential to prepare the nails for the application of nail polish strips. This includes shaping the nails with the file, pushing the cuticles back and smoothing the surface of nail with the buffer. After preparing the nails its ready to begin applying the nail polish strips. The application is not so difficult as the kit explains the process with the instructions. The 16 nail strips have the variety of sizes so that these can fit everyone’s nails. Find the correct sized strips for your nails.

For applying the strips you need to remove the two covers from each side of the strips. The ends of each strips have the different shapes so iy is very easy to match them with the natural shape of the nail. Now attach the strips below the cuticle of the nail and lightly stretch the strips over the nail. You can also use the cuticle stick to press each nail polish strip down onto the nail. After that use the nail file to tear off the excess gently. This entire process will take half an hour or 40 minutes. Addition of a top coat has not been mentioned in the instructions, but it is good to apply a clear top coat on the strips as it will last the strips much longer.

Sally Hansen nail polish strips are very easy to apply and their patterns are also very beautiful. But these strips does not last longer. This product claims to last up to 10 days chip free. As these nail polish strips are made of nail polish so you can remove them with the nail polish remover if required. There are also some down sides of these strips. Sometimes these strips may lift or peel and this do not feel smooth at the free edge. These nail polish strips are little thick and it become hard to smooth out the wrinkles, it is also easy to tear these strips. However these strips do look attractive and appealing and it is also easy to understand how to apply Sally Hansen nail polish strips from its instructions.

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