Hijab Reflects Islamic Clothing Style

In Islam women are orders to cover their heads, chest and neck. According to Islamic teachings the dress of a Muslim woman should be loose, thick and should cover the body parts. Hijab completes all these requirements. Hijab is an Arabic word which means “curtain or cover”. Usually Muslim women wearing head scarfs which hides the neck and hair and the face obscure that covers the face is known as Hijab.

Hijab reflects the Islamic clothing style and is the modest clothing of women which cover all the body parts of the women except their face and hands. Hijab is is designed to honor the Islamic religion by covering the women body in a fashionable way.

Hijab Reflects Islamic Clothing Style

Hijab Reflects Islamic Clothing Style

Hijab is the important part of the Islamic clothing and it reflects the Islamic clothing style.In the older times Hijab was simple but now it has become the part of the fashion.Modern and stylish girls wear Hijab to look fashionable but no doubt religious women are still using Hijab in order to cover their body.in Islam the meaning of Hijab is to cover all the body except hands and it separates the Muslim women from the Non-Muslim women but the modern Hijab has become modern and stylish and covers the head, eras and the neck of the women.

The fabric used in making Hijab is pashmina, wool, velvet and chiffon. Also these are available in various colors and styles. The color, fabric are styles of Hijab are not commanded to be certain.The various designs and styles reflects the diversity among Muslim community.Mostly women chooses the colors of Black, olive, aqua, cotton candy,white, teal, royal purple,jade, gray,lime pulp, green, apricot, bottle green, magenta and blue for the Hijab but there are also many other color combinations.Paisleys, floral, animals and geometric shapes are the common patterns of Hijab.

Hijab is only the clothing for the Muslim women which provide provides protection to the women with style. Women now not only stuck to the black Hijab, there are multi purpose Hijabs both casual and functional.There are many colorful embellished Hijabs which are embellished with kora, sequins, dabka work, thread embroidery, traditional sitara and glittery lace. Functional Hijabs are precious and costly because of real gem stones, bead work, crystals and pearls embedded on them. Whereas the casual Hijabs are only embroidered with satin threads.

While choosing a Hijab always keep in mind your appearance and prefer the Hijab which suits your personality and complexion. With Hijab you can make your look trendy too by adding accessories with it. In the market there is a large variety of Hijab pins which are designed beautifully. Some are long while some are composed of flowery patterns. There are also many lovely broaches which can make your Hijab gorgeous. You can also wear a braslet and ring with it, it will give you a complete stylish look.

There are many styles of Hijab some are like Shawl or scarf and some are like cap covering the head. All these are used to cover the head as an Islamic obligation and now also as a fashion. Hijab is mainly the Islamic clothing and Hijab totally reflects the Islamic clothing styles, Islamic culture and Islamic traditions.

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