Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss

Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss described in this article are very easy and simple and these can also be used by men. Men and women both notice thinning of their hairs due to many reasons so everyone wants to know how to treat hair fall. Some of the reasons which causes hair fall include age, pregnancy, illness, menopause, genetics and many other factors. It is natural to lose hair because it is linked up with the hair growth. But hair fall relates to a process in which loss of hair exceeds the frequency of natural re-growth. Both older and younger women can be susceptible to hair loss.

There are many medications and medical treatments available that can provide a solution to the Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss, but these treatments are expensive and sometime show side effects so it is best to use the natural and homemade remedies to prevent hair fall. In this article we are providing you simple solutions of hair fall problems that are all natural and homemade.

Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss

Hair Fall Solution For Women

Following are the treatments of hair fall in Urdu:

  • Take any natural oil like coconut oil, olive oil or canola oil and heat it until it becomes warm. Do not overheat the oil. Then massage this warm oil in your scalp, put on a shower cap and leave the hairs for about an hour, after that shampoo your hairs by the regular method. This will make the roots of hairs strong and in result stop hair fall.
  • Rub garlic juice, ginger juice or onion juice on the scalp. Do not mix these juices, always use only only juice. Apply the juice on scalp and massage with finger after that leave it overnight and wash your hairs in the morning. It is a simple remedy to prevent hair fall.
  • Be gentle with the wet hairs. Do not comb the hairs when these are wet and also do not rub dry hair as these break the hairs. Hairs are more susceptible to breaking when these are wet and as result these will clump in your brush. Also do not wash hairs with hot water. Wash them with cold water or water with room temperature.
  • Massaging hairs daily for few minutes will help to increase the blood circulation in scalp. Good circulation of blood will keep the hair follicles active and strong. To massage your scalp you can use any kind of natural oil like almond oil, lavender oil or the sesame oil base.
  • Vitamins are very essential for the hairs so try to add these vitamins in your daily diet. Vitamin A will promote healthy production of sebum in your scalp. Vitamin E will stimulate circulation in the scalp. Vitamin B helps the body to produce melanin which gives a healthy color to the hairs.
  • You can also rub green tea in your scalp for preventing hair fall. Green tea contains anti-oxidants which prevents the hair fall and also help the hair growth. Brew 2 bags of green tea in a cup of water and let the tea cool slightly and then apply it on the hairs. Leave it for 1 hour and then rinse the hairs thoroughly.

Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss

  • Aloe Vera juice is very beneficial to stop hair fall. You can apply pure Aloe Vera gel on the scalp directly. Aloe Vera balances the pH level of scalp. Massage the Aloe Vera gel on scalp and then leave it for few hours. After that wash your hairs and you need to repeat this twice in a week to get the best results.
  • Neem is the herb which has many benefits, when it comes to beauty Neem has many benefits regarding to hairs. Boil the Neem leaves in water until the water level falls to half in quantity and then cool it down. Rinse the hairs with this mixture once in a week and you will get affective results. All these Hair Fall Solution In Urdu For Women Hair Loss are very beneficial and affective.

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