Hair Fall Problems And Their Simple Solutions

Hair fall problems and their simple solutions can be controlled by knowing main cause of your hair fall. Hair is considered to be the main part of a woman’s beauty. Hairs make your look more beautiful and charming. Every girl wants to have long and thick hair. Also women desire to have healthy looking hairs. But now a day’s hair fall problems are increasing, every one want to decrease their hair fall problems and wants to find their simple solutions. Not only women but men are always suffering from hair fall problems. Many market products are available to control hair fall but no considerable result is found by using all these products

Hair Fall Problems & Their Simple Solutions

Following are some common hair fall problems and their simple solutions and all are natural and can be done at home. Oxygen is very necessary for your scalp. Avoid anything that deprive scalp of oxygen as it will increase the fair fall such as wigs, helmets or hats. Hairs are made up of proteins, so try to add proteins in your diet it will surely decrease the hair fall.  You can add poultry, eggs, fish or red meat in your diet in order to get proteins. Massage is also another good way to increase the growth of new hair. Massage the hair with mineral oil to get better results.

Hair Fall Problems And Their Simple SolutionsTry to avoid brushing hair when they are wet. Wet hair can easily be damaged, so try to brush your hair when they are dried. If you have thin hair, you must brush the hairs when they are completely dry otherwise hair will be affected by pulling out or split ends. To stop hair fall you can also use a conditioner. This is a homemade conditioner and will surely stop your hair fall. For this conditioner mix oil of ant type, egg, yogurt and lemon and put this mixture on hair and cover your hair with towel for almost one hour. After that remove it by washing hair with hot water. You will observe unbelievable results.

In order to strengthen your hair and scalp make a paste of olive oil, cinnamon powder and honey. Put this mixture on scalp or the roots of your hair and allow it to dry for few minutes. After that wash it out by using shampoo. Hair fall can also result if the amount of calories is low in your body. Make sure that you are eating the right amount of calories according to your age, height and weight. Hair styles can also result in hair fall problems. Wearing tight pony tails or other constrictive things can increase the hair fall problems. All these hair fall problems and their simple solutions are very common but will give you amazing results.

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