Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018

Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018 as When last season at Fashion Week the catwalks were invaded with high-gladiator sandals I couldn’t help but wonder if  they’re all mad, and couldn’t contain my skepticism as to how successful these retro-futuristic shoes were gonna be… All this, not due to my blunt dislike (no way!) au contraire. Questioning their trend-feature simply came from my mistrust in the fashion audacity of the true fashionistas & why not call it like it is, our capability to steal funky trends from the catwalk and rock them on the dusted streets.

Sandals that look like knee hing boots? Really? But we did it. Again. And I could’t be more proud. I mean, now that I think about it I don’t even know where my doubts came from, because The Gladiator Sandals have been around for quite some time.

Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018

Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018

High Gladiator Sandals are basically a reinvented version of the flat strappy sandals, which (from the classic black or brown to the super glam gold, silver or stone embellished designs) have been a fashion staple in the hot season. Easy to wear, to pair, to style – the strappy Greek style sandals continue to be a shoe hit. But what has changed in regards to the 2018 Shoe Trend? While it’s still cool to rock the so called classic gladiator sandals… this hot season we’ve got this new fad to try on, that actually resembles more the Ancient fashion if you will, and it’s a bit more dramatic: the Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018 Sandals, high as in knee high. For more daring looks or evening-cocktail attire – pick the heels version of the high-gladiator sandals. Because of the sexy stilettos they look amazing with anything.

These High Gladiator Sandals come in as many designs and textures as their basic versions. Yet it’s all taken to another level: high heels, knee high straps, metal, buckles, printed leather, futuristic cuts. It’s a bit of retro mixed with futuristic style, with a bit of bondage and S&M twist here and there. I am telling you, fashion has decided to not obey boundaries anymore. Thank God. It is an art after all so to hell with rules and limitations. Will we all have our feet (legs actually if you think knee & over the knee styles) strapped up in knee-Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018?

Remains to be seen, but I would place my money on it, and if you’re about to join in on this new shoe trend make sure you wear them with whatever you love or crosses your mind. Opt for simple and less strappy designs or ankle high – for a basic style, or go all the way and walk in the most extravagant Gladiator Sandals Heels Trend Spotting For Women 2018: heeled funky textures and tons of straps all the way to the knees.

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