Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018

Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 will help you decorate your houses with new and unique designs. Diwali is one of the biggest and brightest festivals of Hindus. Diwali means the festival of lights and on Diwali India is illuminated with joy, dazzles and brilliance. Diwali is also the celebration of illuminating one’s own soul with the light of positive energy and peace. Lightening the lamps on Diwali is basically signifying the victory of good over the evil within oneself. In the special celebrations of Diwali making Rangoli is also very important.

Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 will give you brilliant ideas for making a beautiful and perfect Rangoli. To make your Diwali festival more joyful you can have a look on these Happy Diwali SMS, Messages, Quotes & Wishes 2018.

Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018

Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018

History of the festival Diwali has been originated from various Hindu religious scriptures, mainly the Puranas. Like in many  parts of India and Nepal, myth behind the celebration of Diwali is victory of Rama over Ravana and then return of Rama in Ayodhya with Lakshman and Sita after their 14 years of exile in forest. Legend says that the people of Ayodhya greeted Rama by lightening the rows of lamps. On Diwali people invite other on parties and functions and to welcome the guests they make different Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs on the door steps.

Rangoli is also known as Kolam and it is a folk art belonging to India. Rangoli are the decorative designs that are made on the floors of the courtyards and living rooms during the Hindu festivals. These decorative designs are meant to be the sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities. These decorative patterns are typically created with materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand and also the flower petals. Purpose of Rangoli is not only decoration but it is also thought to bring good luck. Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 depictions reflect traditions so they may also differ. This has been traditionally done by women, by over the years modern traditions have been adapted.

Generally, Rangoli is showcased during occasions such as auspicious observance,, celebrations of marriage, festivals and other similar milestones and gatherings.The Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 can be simple geometric designs, flower or petal shapes, deity impressions but they can also become very elaborate designs crafted by numerous people. The base material is usually wet or dry granulated rice or dry flour, to which Haldi, Sindoor and other natural colors can be added. The modern variations are the chemical colors. Colored sand and petals and flowers as in case of flowery Rangolis are the other materials.

Rangoli is a Hindi word which is derived from two words, i.e. rang means color and aavali means row. So Rangoli means the row of colors. Rangoli has been the most traditional and most popular traditional art form in India. And it is not much known in other countries. As Diwali is coming so the Diwali Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 given in the gallery will help you to make an attractive and beautiful  Rangoli design.

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