Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan

Atiqa Odho is the name that made a successful career in the Pakistan Showbiz Field that is why here we are going to discuss Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan. She is the best known as a television star and the film actress. She has started her career in 1989 and after starting her career she appeared in many darama serials and super hit movies. Within very short time period just because of his good work and skill she got a huge fame in Television and film industry.

After spending her wonderful and successful career in Film or darama industry she started to show her skill in the field of makeup art. She first shown in front of the world as a beautician in 2005 and she made her own founded cosmetic brands. This is seen that almost all kinds of cosmetic products or makeup products are design here in Atiqa Odho’s Cosmetic brand.

Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan

Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan

Lipsticks, nail polishes, eye makeup, foundations even each and everything has designed by the Atiqa Odho. The products of Atiqa Odho are really popular amongst the circle of the women of Pakistan. Almost in all cities of Pakistan there are Atiqa Odho’s products are available in all the fine stores. Now at this time the Atiqa Odho is famous in making her blushes products. All the people say that the blushes of Atiqa Odho are beautiful pigmented and these are long lasting pigments or colors that give the permanent look. The latest colors are the lighted pink colors blushes and highlighter golden color blushes are designed and, no doubt, both these are so attractive and prettiest colors. These blushes kits are available in different kinds of prices range. However, the Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan are not expensive these starts from few 100 PKR to 1000 PKR.

Atiqa Odho Lipstick Price in Pakistan

After blushes the beautiful lipsticks are also design day after day and Atiqa Odho’s lipsticks are also too popular amongst the women. The latest colors or shades are available in the stores and all these are also available on the online markets. The prices of lipsticks are really suitable that can affordable by everyone. The lipsticks start from a few 100 PKR. If we talk about the eye shadows then these are also design according to a routine work. The latest are present in the markets. The most beautiful and latest are Royal Hyness eye shadow, black rose eye shadow, Queen of night Eye shadow and some others. These eye shadows are made for the baby girls, young girls or even for the women. All these eye shadow products are also available on the online stores or websites. The Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan of these mentioned and some other related eye shadows are ranging in 500 PKR to 1000 PKR.

These are the single products that we discussed instead of these overall makeup kits are also made by Atiqa Odho and all these are present in the outlets and also available on the online stores. These overall makeup kits and Atiqa Odho Makeup Products Price in Pakistan are ranging     from 2000 PKR to 5000 PKR.

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