ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills

Simple casual and formal both types of dresses can be seen in ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills. Zunuj by House of Zunn is a popular fashion brand of one of the oldest textile mills “Lakhany Silk Mills”. House of Zunn was established by the two talented and brilliant fashion designers Seema Sheraz and Uzma Mirza in the year 1998. And since now these two fashion designers have won many awards and have open their branches in many cities of Pakistan as well as UAE.

Lakhany Silk Architect Specializes in creating great instruction artifact products made of the senior well born materials that posses denote of art creation facilitating in made ups and the fabrics for different consumer needs.

ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills

ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills

ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills is consisting of three piece suits containing dupatta, shirt and churidar pajama. Mostly dresses are also available with trousers. This collection have introduced beautiful neck designs. embroidery and stitching ideas. Embellishments on back and front of the shirts have made the dresses simply awesome and attractive. The dresses of this collection can be used as casual wear as well as semi formal and formal wear. This collection is consisting of long embroidered shirts which are combined with churidar pajamas and trousers.

This collection is consisting of refreshing colors of spring season. Colors are very attractive such as yellow, pink, red, orange, brown, blue etc. While designing dresses of this collection latest trends and designs have been kept in mind. The embroidery of the dresses is very fine and beautiful and embroidery can be seen on borders, sleeves, necklines and also back of shirts. Different sleeves designs can also be seen in this collection along with neck designs. Young girls can wear these dresses of ZUNUJ Summer Lawn 2016 By Lakhany Silk Mills in different parties and functions as well as women of all ages.

These dresses are traditionally designed and are also very stylish and modern because these have designs of current fashion trends.

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