Top 10 Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Top 10 Pakistani female clothing brands in Pakistan rules the hearts of every woman and their quality is best among all others. The craze of wearing branded dresses is increasing day by day among women all around the world. Also in Pakistan due to the fashion awareness and brands awareness, ladies as well as gents are equally brand conscious. In Pakistan there are many different cultures living together and the clothing style of people reveals the culture differences of different areas. Western styles have impacted a lot on the clothing of our society. However there are many people who likes to stick with the traditional dresses, so there is a mixture of different tastes in Pakistan. With the changing and increasing fashion trends the importance of branded clothes have been increased. At every occasion and season change top brands and top clothing designers put forward their new collections that make women crazy. There are many new fashion designers and brands that have entered in the fashion industry in the last few years. Every new brand comes with innovative designs and distinct styles. Among all the clothing brands the top ten female clothing brands have been mentioned below.

Top 10 Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Gul Ahmed:

Gul Ahmed is a pioneer clothing brand that was established in 1900s. Since that time Gul Ahmed has made immense success and also improvement in textile sector, at this time this brand is among the best and most popular brands of the country. Gul Ahmed offers clothes for men, women and also children. Other then clothes this brand also provides fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewellery, perfumes and stoles. It also has the store named as Ideas where ready to wear clothes of Gul Ahmed are available. Home accessories are also available at Gul Ahmed stores.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Al Karam:

Al Karam is a very famous and popular clothing brand that has been working in the fashion industry from the past 25 years. Quality fabrics are offered by Al Karam Textiles. The mission of Al Karam Textiles is to provide the innovative textile solutions worldwide. Al Karam brand also provides ready to wear dresses for women. It provides stunning dresses for all seasons and all occasions. It also provides high quality fabrics with latest fashion trends. Embroidered and printed both types of fabrics are provided by Al Karam clothing brand.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 1


Bareeze offers wide range of accessories and clothes. At Bareeze outlets you can get formal as well as casual dresses. Bareeze offers ready to wear dresses for both men and women. The lawn of Bareeze is popular all around Pakistan. Embroidered dresses of Bareeze are also very famous. Bareeze also has the home decor items such as bed spreads and cushions. It is a very high end fashion retailor and also one of the leading businesses of Pakistan. This clothing brand was founded in the year 1985 in Lahore and the parent company of this brand is Sefam (Pvt.) Ltd.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 2

Chen One:

Chen One is a famous and well known brand with thousands of outlets all over Pakistan and also in abroad. Chen One provides fashion items and also the home decors. At Chen One you can find the stylish western clothes. The ready to wear dresses of Chen One are admired by all fashion lovers. Accessories like wallets, shoes and handbags are also available at Chen One. The first store of Chen One was opened in 1997 in Islamabad. The fashion products that are produced by are featured in the leading fashion magazines of Pakistan.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 3

Junaid Jamshed:

The fashion outlet of Junaid Jamshed was founded in the year 2002 in Karachi. It is not an old brand but is popular and famous all over Pakistan and also in many other countries. At this time Junaid Jamshed has more than 14 outlets all over the country in all the big cities. With unique range of clothes Junaid Jamshed has won the hearts of women as well as men. This clothing brand offers trendy kurtas and also traditional abayas. The color combinations, hand woven fabrics, screen prints fabrics, lawn fabrics and block prints are very famous among women.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 4


Ittehad is equally famous as Gul Ahmed and Al Karam are. This clothing brand is famous for its lawn collections. Ittehad Textile Mills produce the high quality fabrics for women and is famous for the unique styles and affordable clothes. Ittehad caters the attention of all women, men and also kids. It produces home textiles too. The lawn collections of Ittehad include, Crystal Lawn, Rangoli Lawn and Julia Lawn. The stores of Ittehad are located all over Pakistan and the fabrics of Ittehad are offered via House of Ittehad.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 5

Maria B:

Maria B was launched in the year 1999 and now it has outlets all over Pakistan. This brand offers ready to wear dresses, lawn dresses and also stunning bridal collections. This clothing brand is famous in many other countries. It was the first Design House in Pakistan that hired a team of professionally trained fashion designers, production managers and textile artists to run the company on the professional lines. Maria B has created a fashion revolution in short time interval with the chic image and exquisite designing.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 6


Nishat Groups produces fabrics that are high in quality, prints and also designs. It is the only clothing bossiness that is spread all across South Asia and offers great quality fabrics. This clothing brand was established in 1951 as Nishat Mills and now has the high position all over the world. From Nishat you can get Lawn dresses, linen dresses, Eid collections and spring dresses. Nishat also provides the home textiles. Nishat also deals in chiffon and many other fabrics.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 7

Sana Safinaz:

Sana Safinaz is the clothing brand that was launched by two friends Sana and Safinaz and now this brand is popular all over the world. The dresses designed by Sana Safinaz are always of high quality, stunning designs and unique patterns. Every year Sana Safinaz comes up with the amazing and captivating collections. The lawn produced by Sana Safinaz is one of the top selling lawn all over the country. The dresses produced by Sana Safinaz are simple and traditional and are highly appreciated by all.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 8


Khaadi was established in the year 1998 bu the fashion designer, Shamoon Sultan and it is now famous for its hand woven fabrics and other textile products all over Pakistan and also all over the world. The team of Khaadi is very creative and it is always busy in the wide array of colorful products and they make sure that this brand stays side by side with all the latest and changing fashion trends both nationally and internationally. Khaadi has outlets in all the big cities all over the country. This brand has a special position in top 10 Pakistani female clothing brands in Pakistan.

Top 10 And Famous Pakistani Female Clothing Brands In Pakistan 9

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