Tips How To Protect Hair And Skin From Holi Colors

The following tips will tell you how to protect hair and skin from Holi colors and help you to enjoy this festival with more zest and joy. Holi is the festival of colors. Holi is the religious spring festival which is mostly celebrated by the Hindus. This festival is largely observed in India and Nepal. This festival is also celebrated in other countries which have Hindus in minority such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Tobago, Malaysia and Suriname. With the years passing as urban areas are disappearing so the use of natural colors on Holi is been gradually replaced by the cheaper industrial dyes. Now a days on Holi people are playing with toxins and chemicals, grime and grease and sometimes also the glass. These artificial colors contain oxidized metals or may be the industrial dyes which are not only harmful for the skin but also fr your hairs.

Tips How To Protect Hair & Skin From Holi Colors

Tips How To Protect Hair And Skin From Holi Colors

To protect your hair and skin from the Holi colors here are some tips so that you can intact your natural beauty during Holi:

Tips To Protect Skin:

  • To keep the skin safe from the Holi colors, wear the clothes which completely covers your whole body. In this way lesser part of your body will come in contact with the colors.
  • Apply mustard oil on neck, face, legs, arms and hands a day before Holi festival. This will help you to remove the Holi colors easily.
  • If your body get any strong colors which can not be removed easily, then take a piece of cloth and dip in kerosene oil and run it with gentle hand. This will help you to remove the color easily.
  • Add two spoons of lime juice in half bowl of curd and apply it on the areas of body having colors. After that take bath with warm water so that the color get removed easily.
  • Before playing Holi try to apply any cold cream such as coconut oil, Vaseline or olive oil on the body, the color will not stay longer on the skin.

Tips To Protect Skin:

  • Cover your hairs with nay cloth or the bandana to save them from the dry colors.
  • On Holi before going out apply a large amount of castor,almond, coconut or olive oil. The layer of oil will act as a shield to protect your hairs. The layer of the oil will prevent the color to reach the hair follicles and colors can easily be removed.
  • While applying oil on hairs mix few drops of lemon juice in this oil. This will protect your hairs from the harmful chemicals.
  • After washing the hairs apply honey or conditioner on them so that the dryness of the hairs can be removed.
  • For bringing back the shine and luster of the hairs you can apply egg on the hairs.

Holi is a festival of happiness and it connects the people but playing with colors can also be harmful. To save you from all the harms we have given these tips to tell you how you can protect hair and skin from the Holi colors.



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