Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Collection 2017

Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Collection 2017 has launched after the success of Taana Baana Summer Dresses 2017 Volume 1. Taana Baana is a brand as well a store which is famous for producing embroidered clothes for ladies. Taana Baana provides stylish embroidered dresses for women which make them look beautiful and stylish without wasting their time and money. All the dresses of Taana Baana have nice embroidery work on shirts and dupattas. In additional to be traditional and cultural, dresses of Taana Baana also have elements of current fashion trends and styles.

In the stores of Taana Baana you will find embroidered suits of different fabrics. These fabrics include staple, Khaddar, lawn and Irish fabric. The clothes of Taana Baana are offered by its outlets in different cities.

Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Collection 2017

Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Dresses Collection 2017

Like Volume 1 Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Collection 2017 is also consisting of three piece suits. Shirts with matching trousers and chiffon dupattas. The dresses of this collection are embroidered. Embroidered designs can be seen on the dupatta and shirts of Taana Baana summer dresses. You can see embroidery work on front, back, necklines and sleeves of shirts. The designs of this collection are designed according to the taste of both modern and conservative women. The designs of this collection are traditional but are also stylish. Prints of this collection are simple yet are eye catching and stylish.

The colorful prints of this collection include geometric patterns, abstract and paisley patterns. The dresses of this summer collection can be used as casual wear as well as formal wear. The embroidery work on the shirts is making this collection also suitable for parties and different functions. The fabric used in this collection is light and comfortable. Its quality is high and women will feel relaxed in these dresses.

The price of this summer collection by Taana Baana is also low and affordable. Vibrant colors have been used in Taana Baana Vol 2 Summer Lawn Collection 2017 like red, maroon, orange, pink, blue, yellow, brown, indigo etc. If you want to get dresses of this latest collection of Taana Baana then you can visit the nearest outlet of Taana Baana. You can see the whole collection and more details about this collection on official page of Taana Baana on Facebook.

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