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Simple Henna Patterns For Girls

Simple henna patterns for girls can be applied on any function and they consume less time to make your hands look attractive with mehndi designs. Mehndi is an art which is adorned by women all over the world not only because it is the part of cultures of many countries like India, Pakistan etc. and also because mehndi patterns look very beautiful when applied on hands. Mehndi is actually a kind of natural dye or colors which is made from the leaves and stem of the henna tree. It is now-a-day being used as a natural dyeing agent and the art of mehndi has now spread all over the world. Mehndi is also applied by women of Western countries as a temporary tattoo. Specially black mehndi has gained a great popularity in the industry of temporary tattoos. We usually see very lavish and intricate mehndi designs in the wedding ceremonies but there are also many simple mehndi designs that can be applied on any occasion and they also look equally beautiful and charming.

Simple mehndi patters require less time and are usually sweet and short ones that add a hint of color to your hands but these designs do no clutter of or fill up the hands too much. There are many simple mehndi designs some are draw just on the fingers, some on thumb and finger and just only on palm. Before applying henna try the simple henna patterns because these are easy to achieve and you need minimum skill to do this. Simple mehndi patterns look great on anyone’s hand whether girls or women. Recently there has been a trend in henna patters and it is the increased use of glitter and stones.

Using glitter and stones in mehndi designs look good as sometime mehndi designs become boring, these glitter make it look exciting and attractive. Glitters and stones give you ample choice and you can easily go with any henna patterns and any color. Glitter is applied over the mehndi and the stones and beads are placed according to the design. The colors used can be changed or manipulated according to the outfit which will make the mehndi design more attractive. Simple henna patters are usually applied by teenagers but some women also like simple mehndi designs as these look graceful and decent. It depends on the personal choice, some women prefer heavy mehndi design and other prefer simple henna patterns for girls.

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Simple henna patterns for girls are considered to be a part of fashion so these are considered to be an important part of makeup for girls.

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