Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014

Pastels and Earthy tones can be seen in the Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014. Rohit Bal is from the enduring valley of Kashmir and his fashion mantra is style. Rohit Bal is very well known for his breathing fabric and the sophisticated cuts. In the fashion world Rohit Bal is known as the ‘Bad Boy’. Rohit Bal weaves in the excellent and best for the women and also men. A reflection of his own personality can be seen in his creations. His creations are not restrained by any norms. The creative mind of Rohit Bal provides a true blend of the spirit in his work. By the Times magazine Rohit Bal was christened as the “Master of Fabric and Fantasy” and he is purely living up to the expectations and is now among the leaders of Indian Fashion Industry.

Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014

Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014

Rohit Bay is subtle in the choice of colors in dresses of both men and women and this can be seen in his Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014. Rohit Bal was born in Kashmir but he migrated to the capital city and he did his graduation from St. Stephens college in the subject of history(hons.). He learned stitching and cutting from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Rohit Bal started his carer in 1986 with the export company of his brother and after four years he created his own independent line of garments.

The first collection of Rohit Bal brought a lot of success and from that success he has not looked back.The dresses of this collection are simply mind blowing. Trendy and stylish outfits are included in this collection. You can wear these outfits on formal occasions and parties. The colors of this collection are just marvelous and eye catching. In short words this is a perfect collection to look stylish this season. Rohit Bay uses all the fabrics in his collection and has popularity worldwide. The fabric Rohit Bal Designer Saree Lehenga Collection 2014 is also of high quality.

Rohit Bal was also awarded as the ‘Designer of the year’. Top stars of Bollywood and other popular people love to wear the outfits designed by Rohit Bay.


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