Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Recently Shariq Textiles has launched its designer embroidered linen collection 2015 under the label of Rabea Brand. Rabea brand is well known and good reputed brand because it fully satisfies its clients. And Shariq Textiles is proudly satisfying its customers as it is providing every thing they demand in this new season. Shariq Textiles is the leading clothing brand of Pakistan. It was founded in 2009. And in a short time it has gained much popularity and success because of hard work and quality. Shariq Textiles is dealing with all types of seasonal clothing with the fabric of high quality and affordable prices. Women always like those brands which fulfill their fashion and style requirements and Shariq Textiles is one of those.

Rabea Embroidered Linen Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Rabea designer embroidered linen collection 2015 by Shariq Textiles is a traditional collection and it is containing the outfit s which will fit to every women, young girls and women of all ages can wear this collection. This linen collection by Shariq Textiles is a majestic collection and this is a revisit to the ethnic elements of the fashion of Pakistan. This collection has the traditional motifs to customary essential hints of the folk and has the vibrant and energetic regional colors. Rabea designer embroidered linen has the high quality fabric which is not only stylish but also long lasting.

The outfits of this collection are embellished with beautiful embroidery and motifs and along with embroidery there are also majestic prints on these outfits. The prints have the combinations of contemporary and classic waves. The colors are fresh and exclusive for this winter season. Bright colors like red, black, yellow, blue, purple, orange, brown and pink can be seen in this collection. You can wear this collection on wedding ceremonies, different parties, functions and you can use this collection as casual as well as formal wear. This collection is including frocks, A-line shirts, salwar kameez, long shirts, tunics, tops with churidar pajamas and trousers. In this Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile the sleeves fashion also has been highlighted.

Prints of this collection are delicate and while wearing these outfits women will feel confidence. This collection will sure beauty and great look at all times.

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