Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015

Pakistani fashion dresses trend for summer 2015 are quite different from last year. This year you can see long shirts that have been ruling the fashion world from last few years as well as short shirts with churidar pajamas and palazzoos. Embroidered dresses are also very much in demand this year. With the change of every season the designers of the Pakistan bring new fashion and new trends for the women. A lot of 60s and 70s fashion are reappearing in Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015. Pakistan fashion dresses are gaining much popularity with the years passing by and also the Pakistani women are keeping their wardrobes up-to-date their wardrobes up-to-date. The Pakistani fashion dresses trend of this summer are totally changed now there are no more short shirt, half sleeves or sleeveless shirts these are replaced with long shirts, long A-line shirts, long frocks and long churidar sleeves.

Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend  Summer 2015

Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015

Different colors are used for the summer dresses including dark and light shades but girls and women mostly prefer light colored dresses in summer season as dark colors attract more heat. The latest Pakistani fashion dresses trends for summer 2015 are all given below:

A-Line Shirts :

A-line shirts are in Pakistani fashion trend since last year. A-line shirts with churidar pajamas is the latest trend.A-line shirt with wide daman not only look alluring but also beautiful.

Anarkali Umbrella Frocks:

Anarkali umbrella frock dress looks very gorgeous and one can wear it as casually as well as formally. Anarkali frocks are named on the name of famous dancer Anarkali. These frocks are wear with tight churidar pajamas and this summer there is also the trend of long churidar sleeves. A combination of Anarkali umbrella frocks with churidar pajamas and long churidar sleeves is the latest trend and look amazing.

Long Straight Loose Kurtas:

Long Straight loose kurtas are also in the latest trend this year. Long straight kurtas with loose fitting along with round buttons, shirwani collar and combined with tight churidar pajamas is one of the most decent fashion trends of summer this year. These soft summer colors such as yellow, pink, soft blue and green gives more decent and cool look for the summer.

Panel Frocks:

Shirts and frocks with panels are also in the latest trend of summer 2015. The panels are of different types and styles some starts from the shoulder and some are triangular. Panels of different color, prints or of embroidery are used. Panel frocks are unique and different style and are the latest trend of this year.

Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015 Collection

Short Shirts And Shalwars:

The highlight of this year 2015 in Pakistani fashion dresses trend for summer is that the short shirts and shalwars are back in fashion with a big bang.The short tight shirts are back in fashion. The short shirts combined with shalwars of narrow or big painchas is the latest fashion trend of this summer.


Loose trouser are still in fashion because women liked then extremely. And because of this extreme likeness the loose trouser are still there in Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015.

Boat Shaped Necks:

Boat shape necks are the old fashion and are now back in fashion. The necks which are broad and are less deep are known as boat shaped necks and these look very stylish and decent.

All these dresses are the latest Pakistani Fashion Dresses Trend For Summer 2015 and i hope this article well help you to be up to dated.

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