Nishat Linen Women Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Winter Arrival

After launching winter collection for men Nishat Linen is back with shawl collection 2016-2017 winter arrivals for women. Nishat Textile Mills is among the premium fashion brands of Pakistan that was launched in the year 1990. Nishat Linen launches many occasional and seasonal collections and always gain a huge response from the fashion lovers. Its Nisha by Nishat Linen Winter Collection 2016 was also a great success. Nishat Linen is demanding fashion brand among young and stylish girls.

Nishat Linen provides mesmerizing clothes for women and kids and they always love its dresses. High quality is used for the clothes of Nishat Linen. Home expressions for every season are also launched by Nishat Linen. Nishat Linen is offering casual wear, formal wear and party wear dresses for women and it also offers embroidered as well as printed dresses.

Nishat Linen Women Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Winter Arrival

Nishat Linen Women Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Winter Arrival

Nishat Linen Fabrics is back with its latest winter collection by the title of ‘NL Shawl Collection 2016-2017 Winter’. This shawl collection is consisting of complete variety of casual to formal prints. This year Nishat has proudly introduced the extraordinary collections for the summer season and also get huge response due to its unique and different patterns and styles. This shawl collection has the simple clothing items for women that are usually worn over the head, shoulders or the upper body. Like Nishat Linen shawl collection 2016 this shawl collection is also of high quality fabrics. The shawls of this collection are of many kinds and are made up of linen, Shatoos, pashmina, brocade and wool fabrics. These are made by the fabrics that are popular in different areas of Pakistan according to the traditions and environment.

This winter collection is a perfect blend of formal, semi-formal, casual and party wear combinations in one collection. These shawls of this collection will make even a simple dress glamorous and beautiful. Shawls are getting very popular this year, specially matching shawls with the dresses are very demanding. You can wear these shawls with any type of dress or even with jeans and sweaters these will look graceful. The shawls of this collection are printed and you will see digital prints and self prints in this collection. Colors of bright shades have also been added in this collection such as black, yellow, red, purple, blue, pink, white etc. Nishat Linen shawl collection 2016-2017 winter arrivals for women is a perfect collection with combination of high quality an reasonable prizes.

To get this collection you can email the brand or simple visit outlets of Nishat Linen. The email address and address of outlets of Nishat linen has been provided on Facebook page of Nishat Linen.

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