New OPI Nail Polish Color Chart 2014 For Spring/Summer

New OPI nail polish color chart 2014 for spring/summer has very dazzling nail colors. All girls are very conscious about their looks and take a lot of care about their looks. Girls not just take care of their clothes but also nails and hands. Good nails give the impression that person takes good care of herself. There are many nail polishes available in the market which can give your nails a good look. Every brand put forth its new collection every season. One of those famous brands is the OPI brand. OPI brand is a popular name in the nail care industry. This brand has become very popular among women and celebrities over the last few years. OPI brand manages to  attract the attention of customers by creating some great nail polishes and giving them creative names and if you want to know about the Top Nail Polish Colors 2014 then that are also available.

OPI Nail Polish Color Chart 2014 For Spring/Summer

New OPI Nail Polish Color Chart Collection 2014 For Spring Summer

In the OPI nail polish color chart 2014 for spring/summer classic is meeting contemporary. OPI is celebrating a region in which history meets the modern designs. In this chart there is a mixture of glamorous metallic shades, aqua and pink, midnight and aubergine, playful bright shades in periwinkle and creamy blues in indigo. Euro Centrale is offering a wide variety of color shades ranging from nude to deep blue and is also featuring every thing from shimmering copper to aqua in between.

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection Swatches 2014

New OPI Nail Polish Color Chart 2013 For Spring Summer 1The color of spring/ summer chart are very cool and creamy too. These include soft tones such as blue, pink, purple etc. This entire collection is binding modern with the old, presenting variety of exciting colors. You can also find glitter nail polishes in this collection which represents the mixture of purple and blue glitter nail polish. For the ladies who like bit subtle colors i would suggest them “Passion” from the OPI nail color chart. It is really soft color and it will look good with anything you like to wear.

OPI is one of the professional nail care products providing brand and the products provided by OPI are always of good quality. women love the products of OPI and its nail color are famous all over the world. I hope now you know all about colors of new OPI nail polish color chart 2014 for spring/summer.

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