Long Hair Tips In Urdu Easy And Simple

If you want to have long and beautiful hair then long hair tips in Urdu is the right place for you and the tips given here are very easy and simple. Long and healthy hairs are considered to be a sign of beauty specially in countries of Asia. Every girls want to have long and healthy looking hairs but this has become impossible to have strong and long hairs because of the improper diet and pollution. The internal strength of girls is not enough for the long hairs. The food we eat should contain proteins and vitamins in fully condition which are important for the hair growth and play important role in it. Hair fall has become a major problem for most of the people. Hair falls usually in morning time. Hair length is important in hair fall as 4 inch of hair falls 80 hairs average daily, 12 inches hair loos 26 to 27 hairs daily and hair above 20 inches loss 16 hairs daily on average. And average hair growth per ear is 6 inches.

Long Hair Tips In Urdu Easy & Simple

Long Hair Tips In Urdu Easy And Simple


For the care and nourishment of hairs it is very essential to use a conditioner. Natural conditioner is far better than the conditioners available in the market. For a natural conditional take half cup of yogurt and an egg and blend these two ingredients well, after that apply this mixture on hairs. Wait for two hours and then wash with shampoo. Massage of hairs is also very important for the hair growth. Smooth circulation of blood induces speedy hair growth. For massage of hairs take coconut oil, an egg and honey to make a mixture then massage this mixture in hairs and scalp with light hands for 15 minutes.

To make hairs grow fast it is very important to have proper diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetable. Make sure that you take multivitamins in higher amounts. Getting a proper sleep is also very important for long hairs. After washing hairs try not to brush them. Use a wide toothed comb to avoid frizz and split ends. Keep changing your hair style never set any style permanently on your hairs.Scrubbing is also important for proper hair growth. Scrubbing helps to remove the dirt, oil and old skin cells from the scalp and increases new hair growth. The long hair tips in Urdu and not only easy and simple but these are also very effective and will not produce any kind of side effect.

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