Khaddar Collection By Shariq Textiles 2013

Khaddar collection by Shariq Textiles 2013 is the latest catalog of Shariq Textiles. Shariq Textiles is the textile company of Pakistan which was established a few years ago. To provides high quality textiles in Pakistan is the aim of Shariq Textiles. It is also famous for Libas Lawn and Riwaj Lawn, which were very affordable. In 2012 Shariq Textiles has launched a series of fabric collections. Recently Riwaj Fall Collection 2012 by launched by Shariq Textiles, before this collection Deeba Lawn, Bella Lawn, Nadia Hussain Lawn, Riwaj and Libas Lawn, Subhata mid summer collection, Feminine collection, Rabea Lawn, Reeva Lawn and few more collections were released by Shariq Textiles. The fabrics which are produces by Shariq Textiles are sold all over the world through the fabric retailers.

Khaddar Collection By Shariq Textiles 2013

Khaddar Collection By Shariq Textiles 2013

Khaddar collection by Shariq Textiles 2013 is consisting of embroidered khaddar fabrics which are in three piece suits with khaddar dupatas. A blend of contemporary and classic fabric designs are present in Shariq Textiles khaddar collection 2012. The fabric used in this collection is of high quality. Also the designs of the dresses are traditional along with vibrant colors. This collection is containing long shirts and A-line shirts with trousers. This collection will suit women of all ages and is perfect for everyone.The color combinations of this collection are simply awesome because darker tones have been used in this collection like, red, black, blue etc. which are perfect for the winter season.

This collection is full of elegant cuts and unique looks. The dresses of this collection are casual wear dresses but you can also use them as party wear because the embroidery work and the attractive colors are making this collection stunning. The dress are available in unstitched form and the prices of the dresses are also very affordable. The fabric used in Khaddar collection by Shariq Textiles 2013 is durable and women can rely on the dresses for their lifetime.


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