How To Wear Hijab Scarf

How to wear hijab scarf will help you to renew your appearance in the Muslim dress. Hijab means the veil which the Muslim women wear in presence of non related men. Muslim women wear hijab mostly because of their religious obligations. Also wearing hijab gives women a protection from the lust of men and they fell themselves much confident and comfortable. Scarf is a little piece of cloth that is used for hijab or veil. Besides veil women and girls now use scarf as a fashion. In the marker these days there are different kinds of scarfs available by designs, formulation and different shapes. Girls like to wear fancy scarfs with lace work or the embroidery work. Scarfs are also used along with dupattas, scarf covers the hairs and duppata covers the front body part.

How To Wear Hijab Scarf

How To Wear Hijab Scarf

Scarf are of different colors but while selecting a color of scarf for hijab keep in mind that you should not choose a color combination having more than three colors because this will look over and will not give a good image in front of your friends and colleagues. Also keep the scarf clean which you are wearing for the fashionable appearance, just a little dirt on scarf can make your image bad in front of others. You can also use your perfume on the scarf for fragrance.The following steps can help you to wear hijab scarf in a fashionable way:

  • First of all take the scar and put it on your head.
  • The scarf should be placed on head in such a way that one side of the scarf is longer than the other side of the scarf.
  • Fold the scarf back behind your neck so that the two edges meet together with each other.
  • Use a safety pin and pin the two edges together behind the back of the neck.
  • After you have fitted the scarf on back of the neck make sure that the front of your scarf has a smooth finish and a comfortable fit.
  • Now take the longer end of the scarf and bring this end under your chin.
  • Continue to take the scarf up around the other side. You may also have to adjust the rest of the scarf around the shoulders a little so that the scarf wraps round smoothly.
  • Bring that end of the scarf to the opposite side.
  • Adjust the scarf in such a way that it falls evenly around your shoulders. you may also have to finger comb the scarf at the forehead to remove all the creases from front part of the scarf.
  • When everything is to your satisfaction and comfort, pin the top scarf to the part around the neck.
  • Once you have pinned the scarf, adjust the scarf a little more so that you will be happy to the way it looks.

After knowing how to wear hijab scarf you will be able to modify your style with a complete new look.

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