How To Wear A Red Lips For Christmas Party Easy Tips

In this article easy tips about how to wear a red lips for Christmas party have been given that turn heads of everyone for you this Christmas season. Red is the color of love and excitement. What can be more gorgeous and glamorous then the perfect red lips, absolutely nothing. Christmas festival is coming and it is the best time to wear red lipstick. On Christmas every girl and woman wants to look stunning and sexy and red lipstick can help you to have that look but only it is applied perfectly. Red lips make Cute Red Christmas Outfits 2015 for girls look more chic. Red lips can help to lighten up the pale skin. Red lipstick is seen everywhere this season on ramps, n fashion magazines and also in fashion shows. Every woman can wear red lipstick with style, the only thing important to carry red lipstick is the confidence to carry these bold lips. Red lips are feminine, classic and very powerful but if red lipstick is not applied in proper ways it can ruin the whole look so before applying red lipstick you must know how to apply perfect red lips properly.

How To Wear Red Lips For Christmas Party Tips

  • First of all choose the right shade of red lipstick for Christmas party. There are many types of red color that includes scarlet, poppy, cherry, crimson,ruby and many other shades of red. The right shades of red lipstick is the one that suits with your skin tone and also with your hair. First of all examine your skin type and wrong red shade can bring out your dark circles. Stay away from the bluish toned red lipstick and also avoid the pinkish toned red lipsticks if you do not want to accentuate the redness of your skin. The women with thin lips should not apply darker lipsticks and the bold and classic ruby red shades look more great on the fair skinned women.
  • Shape of the lips is very important to get perfect red lips. Red is a bold color so the outline of the lips must be polished and the color has to be evenly distributed for red lipstick. Line your lips with a lip liner using a shade that is slightly darker then the lipstick shade that you are using. You can even fill the lips lightly with the lip liner and blend the lip liner into your lips to prime the lips and give the lipstick long lasting power.
  • For the application of red lipstick it is better to use a lip brush or choose a lipstick that has a pointy end so that you can fill the lips precisely with lipstick. While using lip brush apply the lipstick little by little in few strokes. If you are not using a lip brush then apply lipstick in dabbing motion area by area first so that mistakes can be avoided and then trace the outline of the lips in a smooth motion to fill in any unevenness.
  • If you have applied red lipstick then applying heavy eye makeup will be a big mistake. With red lipstick wear light reflecting and neutral eyeshadows that will showcase the red lipstick. If you are wearing a matter red lipstick then try to use more shimmery eyeshadow and if you are wearing a glossy red lipstick then wear matte eyeshadow to balance your over all look. You can use the liquid eye liner and also dramatic false eyelashes with red lipstick because you still want the eyes to pop up and compliment the red lipstick.
  • A red lipstick needs a flawless complexion to look more great. Discoloration and blemishes will draw all the attention away from the perfect red lips. If there is redness on your skin then neutralize these areas with a green or yellow based concealer and then apply the foundation. Also avoid shiny skin with the glossy red lips and the matte skin with the matte red lips.

One important tip to understand how to wear a red lips for Christmas party from these easy tips is that while buying red lipstick always check the shade on your face rather then checking on hand because the skin of hands sometimes have different tone then the skin on face.

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