How To Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly

Do you know How To Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly as Girls are very excited about applying mehndi and they want a darker color of mehndi. After the mehndi is removed it shows its hue some times dark and sometimes tight depending upon a number of factors like time period, quality henna paste and skin. This hue of henna remains on skin for 1 to 2 weeks but when the color of mehndi starts fading up it looks ugly. When the color of mehndi starts fading i becomes orange and some girls hate this stage and they want to get rid of mehndi faster because they do not want their hands to look ugly. At then than want to know How To Remove Mehndi Colour From Hands Fast. Also some times due to some other reasons girls want to remove mehndi color in some days quickly.

How To Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly

How To Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly

The tattoo of henna is not permanent you can remove it. Henna binds to the keratin in the skin cells and the color of henna fades as the skin naturally exfoliates. Henna tattoos do not disappear in a night but if you want to get rid of henna tattoos immediately then a simple way is to clean out mehndi before the mehndi is completely dries. This makes the intensity of henna tattoo less and it become easier to fade. There are a number of things that can fade the color of mehndi From Hands and can make it light but if you want to completely get rid of henna tattoo then you have to be patient and let it happen naturally. however you can speed up the process by a number of ways.

For Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly you can apply bleach on your hands, one which is applied on face and body parts, or on other body parts where henna has been applied. When the bleach gets dried completely then rub it with your hands, this will fade the color of the mehndi to a great extend. You can also remove mehndi by dipping hands in the warm water for some time and then rubbing the hands. You can also go to a  pool for removing mehndi. As chlorine is added in swimming pool, this chlorine will help you to fade the henna tattoo fastly. You can also add chlorine in a bowl containing water and then dip your hands in it. But stop if the skin gets irritated and become red.

You can remove mehndi tattoo by washing your hands frequently at least 10 or 12 times in a day. Apply toothpaste on the mehndi and when this dries rub the hands against each other and your mehndi color will diminish. You can also try a paste of baking soda mixed with lemon. Apply this paste on the mehndi in order to fade the mehndi on your hands. But this can also damage the hands and can make them rough and dry.Exfoliation is best for removing henna tattoo. Glycerin can do this but antibacterial soap is best for exfoliation of the skin and thus removes the henna tattoo.Lemon juice works as exfoliating agent and bleaching agent and can help you to fade the mehndi tattoo.

For a gentle technique you can rub your hair conditioner on your mehndi tattoo it also fades the color of mehndi. Stay in the sun as much as you can, this will fade the color of mehndi but be careful as it can be unhealthy specially for those who have fair skin. You can also rub olive oil on mehndi stain, it is very gentle with skin and also removes the mehndi tattoo.I hope by reading this article you can easy remove your mehndi stain are are able to tell other How To Remove Mehndi From Hands Quickly.



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