Attractive Saree Blouse Designs & Pattern For 2014

Attractive saree blouse designs & pattern for 2014 given in this post are are of fresh designs. Sarees is very popular dress in many countries. In Pakistan, India and Bangladesh saree is the favorite dress which is commonly used by women. Specially in India saree is very famous among women and it is also considered as the traditional dress of India. Indian brides prefer saree on wedding as well as on other occasions. They also wear saree as the casual outfit. If saree is properly worn it looks very beautiful. Women love to wear those type of sarees which make them look attractive and hot on special functions. Blouse is the must item of the dress of saree. The importance of blouse in saree makes this simple piece of cloth very special and the fashion trend. Women who want to wear sarees and look for sarees also want to have a beautiful blouse with it which matches with their body structure and figure to look gorgeous. There are many types of blouses some are  sleeves, some are backless, collar neckline, halter neck, round neckline etc.

Attractive Saree Blouse Designs & Pattern 2014

Attractive Saree Blouse Designs And Patterns For 2014

Sleeveless blouses are very popular among ladies of India these days among the saree blouse deigns and patterns 2014. Women who wants the Western look in their saree dress usually prefer these blouses. As sleeveless blouses give them a traditional as well as trendy look. Mostly young and modern girls prefer these blouses. Different fabrics are used for preparing blouses. There are also different designs of sleeves of blouses like long sleeves, three forth sleeves, door sleeves, puff sleeves, balloon sleeves, net sleeves etc. There are also many other styles of blouses like choli style, low U throat, door shirt, off the shoulder pipe shirt, boat throat, etc. You can choose any style according to your personality and also according to the style of your saree.

If you are wearing an embellished saree then you should go for a plain saree blouse which has clean and simple cuts. While if you are going for a party then wear the blouse with sequin work, stone work or cut works. These will balance the over all look of the saree and you will not have an over look. Different fabrics are used for preparing blouses. The choice of fabric also depends upon the season. In the summer season light weight fabrics like silk and chiffon are used for making blouses of sarees while in the winter season fabrics like jamawar, plain fabric, satin, heavy silk etc. are used for making blouses.You can see all these blouses in this attractive collection of saree blouse designs & pattern for 2014.

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Blouse plays an important role in the overall look of the saree, if a blouse is beautifully designed it can make the saree look attractive and beautiful on the other hand it the design of blouse is not going with your body and saree, it can ruin your overall look.

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